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Dr. med. Margherita Eschle-Meniconi

Publkationen Dr. med. Margherita Eschle-Meniconi

Publikationen von Margherita E. Eschle-Meniconi (z.T. referenziert als Meniconi ME)


Endogenous Ocular Nocardiosis: an interventional case report with a review of the literature

Eschle-Meniconi ME, Guex-Crosier Y, Wolfensberger TJ

Surv Ophthalmol 2011 Sep-Oct;56(5):383-415


Mucous Membrane Pempigoid:  an up-date

Eschle-Meniconi ME, Ahmed SR, Foster CS

Curr Opin Ophthalmol. 2005 Oct; 16(5):303-7


Safety and Efficacy of intravitreal Triamcinolone acetonide for uveitic macular edema

Androudi S, Letko E, Meniconi ME, Papadaki T, Foster CS

Ocular Immunol Inflamm 2005 Apr-Jun;13(2-3):205-12


Outcome of treatment with Immunomodulatory Therapy in Patients with Juvenile idiopathic arthritis-associated chronic iridocyclitis

Yu E, Meniconi ME, Tutai F, Christen WG, Foster CS

Ocul Immunol Inflamm 2005 Sept-Oct 13(5): 353-60


Outcomes of Early versus Late Immunomodulatory Treatment in Patients with HLA-B27 associated chronic Uveitis

Androudi S, Brazitikos P, Iaccheri B, Fiore T, Christen WG, Meniconi ME, Foster CS

Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol 2003; 241(12): 1000-5

(Studie wurde durch Dr. M. Eschle-Meniconi initiiert)


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Uveitis, Glaucoma and Cowden’s Syndrome

Meniconi ME, Foster CS


Medication-induced uveitis

Meniconi ME; Foster CS